Smart Entrepreneurs Are Using Digital Twin Instances!!!

A DTI is created from the Digital Twin of a physical asset. Digital Twins are virtual digital representations of actual physical objects processes or environments. The DTI stays linked to the physical asset through its lifecycle.

The DTI, typically, contains data relating to in-use conditions as captured through the platforms, dataset, sensors, historical state, predicted state, asset and warranty information, service records, etc. 

These are usually updated with real-time data but can be used to visualize potential outcomes too. 

While a DTI starts with the baseline information from its prototype, over the course of the lifecycle, the DTI gets enriched with operational data. And in some cases far exceeds the value of the physical asset. 

A Digital Twin can be used to tell the story of your company’s physical assets, or how your business model operates.

For example, it could demonstrate how your company has made changes to logistical processes to save carbon emissions, or it could be used to show the impacts of your products or displays on buyer behavior in stores.

A typical example of a DTI is when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took the inaugural spaceflight on his Blue Origin rocket ship in the summer of 2021. 

Doing an ostensibly death-defying stunt while yelling Look at my company! is perhaps the ultimate DTI. 


The primary application for Digital Twins is still in the area of decision-making – for now. But this is only the tip of the iceberg for this new technology. Their application in brand experiences is still very much an untapped area, with a lot of value to offer.

Convincing people to buy something regardless of its underlying value is the job description of our era’s version of DTI. 

With a well-crafted intentional DTI, companies can take control of their narrative and set the context for every other customer experience, interaction, and touchpoint. 

Your DTI is formed by every touchpoint where your customers encounter your brand. This can be your company website, apps for customers, webinars, digital events, and even emails.

You need to give customers a digital twin instance that is authentic, consistent, and inspiring at every point. 

Companies use digital twin instances to increase the product value and the appetite of their customers. 

It creates a real scarcity of their product or service and other intangible forms of real scarcity such as consumer attention which is scarce.  

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