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Pets are part of the family in the majority of households worldwide. The ownership of cats and dogs has been steadily increasing across the globe, including in emerging economies. 

While dogs are the most popular pet overall, there is plenty of diversity in pet ownership. Humans coevolve in their relationships with their pets and these relationships are beneficial for both of them

Owning a pet is a privilege that brings us great rewards. Because our pets can’t speak for themselves, we each take on a responsibility as owners to advocate and provide the support and resources they need to live healthy, happy lives. Providing that support begins even before we bring a pet home. 

Furthermore, close relationships with pets positively influence oxytocin release which is one of the body feel good chemicals and also plays a role in social bonding. In particular, oxytocin is boosted in both the dog and the human when a dog owner stares into the eyes of the dog


There are likely billions of pets worldwide. Families in the U.S., Brazil, EU, and China alone account for over half a billion dogs and cats, while more than half the world is estimated to have a pet at home. 

Napo, a pet insurance startup that is not only offering pet insurance but also pet health prevention tips, pet ownership education, and additional services have announced raising a £15 million funding round. 

Found in 2021, Napo offers its services through a digital-first platform to provide a simple fast, and frictionless experience of pet care, enabling members to ensure that their pets live long, healthy and happy lives.

Napo offers access to 24/7 online vet consultations, obesity awareness resources, and access to expert-led live classes to help puppy train their dogs.

And supports pet owners through loss by providing bereavement counseling, as well as covering the costs of cremation and more.

Napo offers third-party liability for dog injuries or property damages and pays advertising costs and rewards for missing pets. Also covers emergency boarding, travel, holidays, behavioral treatment, accident, illness, dental work, and complimentary treatment 

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