Entrepreneurs Are Tapping Into Social Capital To Raise Funding

Hope you have in mind that Entrepreneurial profit is a continuous stream of income. 

Others have the notion that the end goal of entrepreneurship is a big pool of capital in either the public markets or one of the institutionally owned conglomerates. 

And also the self-satisfaction of a sustainable footprint in whatever area that parlays interest. 

Someone might attempt to ask how to leverage one’s social capital to raise funding or to help propel the explosive growth of their venture/company/startup. 

You can see how, by following this path, that can plausibly ascend from start-ups to billions in an exceptionally short time frame. 

The path is not thinking about near-term returns but thinking about your venture/startup or company’s speculative promise, and what you are willing to sink, say, tens of millions of social capital on expansion without a dollar of operating profit in sight. 

A renewed spirit of civic engagement, neighborliness, and social trust contributes toward financing and re-knitting the frayed fabric of your venture/company. 

Social capital is the practice to develop and maintain relationships that form social networks willing to help each other. 

These networks perform best when they are diverse, making the need to identify with people who you may not normally encounter or regularly interact with, 

capable of helping cause indispensable.  

Originally, the term social capital includes when someone opens a door for someone, returns a lost item to a stranger, gives someone directions, loans something without a contract, and any other beneficial interaction between people, even if they don’t know each other.


People like to read about other people through social networks, which is why much of the news lends itself to feature treatment that emphasizes human nature.

And social networks give everyday people a platform to voice their opinions and showcase their talents. It creates an opportunity to increase the value of your social capital and also for the social capital to be put to work, even though it comes without near-term returns.  

The growth of social capital over a period of time will increase the audience on social networks. This influence over the audience has become a symbol of money in today’s modern society. And businesses are using it to raise financing 

Social networks are the best networking tools that businesses can use to build organic and authentic relationships with others who may be able to support your work or would be an asset to know.

Many business leaders only use social media to push corporate messages. It often ends up becoming frustrating. 

In fact, Business leaders don’t really know how to leverage their online social networks strategically to build valuable business relationships. 

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